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Govt. of India.

Experts say that, “No sooner the effective vaccine for Corona virus is coming in the market than a huge death is expected to toll”. Till then we cannot remain indifferent. Ayush Mantralaya, by their persistent research and development have seen that a kwath or decoction namely “Ayush-Kwath” consisting the extracts of Tulsi, Dalchini, Sunth and Kali Mirch can effectively prevent the virus like Corona.

It is seen that some people get infected by corona virus and despite the best treatment provided, few patients die and the remaining people survive. But a third group of people are found that they are not getting infected at all. This phenomenon justifies the power of immunity.

It is believed that Ayush-Kwath increases the body immunity provided the genuine ingredients are used in the preparation and Dhanvantary Bioscience Pvt. Ltd. is continuously vigilant to the quality from batch to batch.

We are in the process of protecting at least 2 Lacks families by distributing free ayush kwath all over India and till now we have already distributed around 10,000 units in and around Kolkata.

“Dhanvantary Bio Science-Ayush Kwath” is an essential product for every day’s use otherwise the life may be at stake.