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Vijaysar, Malabar Kino (Pterocarpus Marsupium) - Properties, Benefits, Dosage

Vijaysar is an important big tree whose bark is very useful in disease like diabetes. Its bark is known as "The miracle cure for diabetes". Water is kept in the wooden glass of its bark overnight and that water is consumed by diabetes patients in early morning. It is very cheap and safe method for curing the diabetes. The color of this water changes to brown. One should change this glass after 1 month if color of water does not change. Basically it is a natural way to control Diabetes, Obesity, High BP and Joint Pains.

The height of this tree is up to 10-15 mtrs. The trunk of vijaysar is smoky which bears vertical slits. It produces gum which is red in colour. Leaves and foliage of this tree bear wavy margin. This tree bears yellowish flowers. It has legumes which contain two seeds.

  •    Common name: Malabar kino tree, Indian Kino Tree
  •    Sanskrit Name: Asana, Beejaka, Peetshalak
  •    English Name: Indian Kino Tree
  •    Hindi Name: Vijaysar
  •    Botanical name: Pterocarpus marsupium
  •    Family: Leguminosae

Ayurvedic Properties

Hindi / Sanskrit



Tikta, Kashay


Bitter, Astringent


Laghu, Ruksha

Physical Property

Light, Rough







Metabolic Property (After Digestion)


Effect Of Vijaysar On Tridoshas

Vijaysar pacifies Kapha and Pitta doshas so it can be used effective for diseases related which Kapha/ Pitta or both.

Ancient Verse About Vijaysar

It states that Sanskrit names of Vijaysar are beejak, peetsaar, peetshalak, bandhuk- pushp, priyak, sarjak and asan.

It is good for skin and healthy hair. It is useful for major skin diseases like leprosy, leucoderma as well as for eczema and worm infestation. It is recommended for managing disorders related to vitiated Kapha and pitta.

Medicinal Uses

  1.    A best natural Ayurvedic treatment to control diabetes.
  2.    It plays an important role in reducing excessive fat from the body.
  3.    It also helps to control blood sugar level & also acts as blood purifier.
  4.    It also helps in improving digestion.

Practical Uses Of Vijaysar

Fill water in the wooden tumbler at night, in the morning pour the colored water into another tumbler and drink it.

Do this procedure for at least 30 days and when the color of the water stops changing, then scratch the inside of the glass carefully without hurting yourself and use it again for 7-15 days.

Break the tumbler into small pieces and use one small piece in one cup of water till color of the water changes.

Take 80-100ml of water and put herbal block into it for the whole night. The water turns brown due to some reaction which occurs overnight. In the next morning take out this block from the glass and take the whole water empty stomach.

Chemical Composition Of Vijaysar

Its principal constituents are isoliquiritigenin and liquiritigenin. It reduces the glucose absorption from the gastrointestinal tract and improve the levels of insulin and pro-insulin. It is effective in beta cell regeneration. It shows hypocholesteremic effect. As it maintain the blood sugar level properly.

Home Remedial Uses Of Vijaysar In Ayurveda

  •    Kushthaghna: This is ayurvedic supplement which helps in all skin diseases.
  •    Rasayana: This natural herb rejuvenates the body cells.
  •    Keshya: It is best ayurvedic supplement for healthy hair.
  •    Tvachya: It imparts glow to the skin.
  •    Raktasodhana: It also helps in removing all the toxins from the body and purifies the blood.
  •    Krimirogahar (Antihelmenthic): It is also useful in diseases which are caused by insects biting and worms.
  •    Pramehaghna: This is best natural remedy for diabetes, it reduces all complications related to diabetes
  •    Medohara: It also helps in dissolving the unwanted fats from the body.

Useful Part Of Vijaysar

Powder of wood and Heartwood

Dose Of Vijaysar

  •    Powder: 3-5 gm,
  •    Decoction of barkwood: 50-100 ml

Side Effects

No side effect is found as it very safe to use.